Online Recordings

The online recordings (mp3’s) are simulated audio discs, with introduction, images, playlists and program notes.

The Continents – An Online Recording

Listen Music for Fixed Media – An Online Recording

Incidents of Sudden Awareness Music for Fixed Media – An Online Recording

The Musical Landscape – An Online Recording

Symbiotica – A Cross-Cultural Mixup, Vol. 1

Symbiotica – A Cross-Cultural Mixup, Vol. 2

Change is Here To Stay – Music for Digital Piano and Electronics – An Online Recording

A Piano Album – An Online Recording

Space and Time Music for Violin and Piano – An Online Recording

String Quartets Nos. 3 and 4 – An Online Recording

Music for Strings – An Online Recording

Five Natures – An Online Recording

Space is Everywhere for Fixed Media – An Online Recording

Automaton for Modified Digital Piano – An Online Recording

Pioneers of Electronic Music / Symphony of Etudes – An Online Recording

The Adam and Eve Diaries A Web Opera

The Nautilus An Online Video Opera

Keyboard Etudes for Synthesizers Nos. 1-24 (Enhanced 2012 Version)

Robotic Dances / Inquiries for Computer-controlled Synthesizers

Oceans of the Moon and Other CyberMusic for Digital Instruments

Music of John Holland / John Cage – An Online Recording

Music from a Small Planet – An Online Recording

Music Podcast

The Chocolate Ear An Online Classical Music Series – Music of Interest Mixed with the Sublime

Complementary Texts

Some of the recordings have been paired with short texts containing subjects that are related to the music. You can read the text by clicking on its name just above the title of the music. When possible, read the complementary text aloud before listening.

Surprisingly, reading the complementary texts may change the way you listen to the music. The pairing of text and music is not arbitrary, but is intended to heighten the listening experience by connecting the music with a related idea. In ‘live’ performances, I have often read aloud a complementary text immediately preceding the music.

Cross-cultural Music

A short description.